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    Jessica London L.

    Empowerment Life Coaching (for individuals) In our empowerment life coaching session, I will address your individual needs using expert clinical wisdom with cutting-edge life coaching strategies. I will provide you with a personalized action plan for your life. | Solution-Focused Psychotherapy (for individuals) In our solution-focused psychotherapy session, I will assess, evaluate, diagnose (if appropriate) and provide an actionable treatment plan to help you reach your psychotherapeutic goals. | Dating Coaching (for individuals) In our dating coaching session, I will assess your individual dating goals and needs and provide a personalized dating strategy, including an immediate action plan. | Couples Counseling (for couples and individuals) In our couples counseling session, I will assess and discover the root challenges between you and your partner, and provide an actionable plan to restore communication, respect, love, and intimacy in your relationship.

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      I’m so sorry, I am not in network with any insurance plans. However, I do provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance company for out of network reimbursement! That rate is negotiated between you and your insurance company. Let me know… more

      Jessica L., Business Owner 
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    • Photo of Arugula E.
      Arugula E.
      San Diego, United States
      3 Apr 2024

      London is, without question, one of the best relationship coaches I have ever encountered. She truly is phenomenal! When I met London, my relationship with my husband was trending towards DISASTER. We had run through a gauntlet of counseling professionals and trained therapists. The anxiety, depression, sleepless nights and constantly racing thoughts were extremely difficult for me to cope with. I decided I couldn't take it anymore and after all of the symptoms and attempts to work with different therapists and coaches, we finally gave up and actually set a date to file for our divorce. A friend who had worked with London urged us to reach out for one last shot at our marriage. We decided to try one more time, and we're so glad we did. Like a great coach, London helped us to open our eyes and hearts to the tools that we now have and how to use them appropriately. London didn't reinvent the wheel or give us off-the-wall exercises. Instead, it was the little but big things. Getting back to the very basics, and mastering it. After a few weeks, we had established new connection habits and we were communicating in ways we couldn't before. And we flourished from it.

      We worked and we worked hard but London would reach out consistently between sessions to see how we were doing. She gave so much of her time outside of sessions which she truly didn't have to do. We both felt she genuinely cared for us, and she kept us honest as she held us accountable to our own progress while reminding us to not give up. At this point we were so strong in our relationship that the topics we used to argue over were no longer an issue. We laughed and joked for the first time in years and our love grew. We did the little micro things and London was there for us every step of the way.
      She has this ability to assimilate and integrate vast amounts of information in an incredibly short period of time, and communicate in a clear and straightforward manner. Can you imagine? A therapist that actually tells you what's what rather than just asking open ended questions and waiting for you to "get it" yourself over months or years of therapy.
      Working with London did not feel like a service, it is an  opportunity! My husband and I learned a tremendous amount about what we both need to create a fulfilling relationship, friendship and marriage.

      I cannot even begin to express how much I appreciate her help. To me, what London accomplished was nothing short of miraculous. She gave us the priceless gift of a second chance at a happy marriage together, and we both will never take that for granted.

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    • Photo of Justin K.
      Justin K.
      Los Angeles, United States
      9 Feb 2024

      From the moment I began my sessions with London Laed, I knew I was in the presence of someone truly special. London is not just a life coach and relationship therapist; she is a beacon of hope and a wellspring of wisdom.

      One of London's most extraordinary qualities is her ability to listen--not just hear, but truly listen. In each session, she brought an intuitive understanding that made me feel seen and heard in ways I hadn't experienced before. Her empathy is not just a skill, it's a gift that she shares generously.

      But what truly sets London apart is her innate ability to get to the very heart of what's holding you back. Whether it's a personal hurdle, a professional obstacle, or a relationship issue, she has an uncanny talent for identifying the root cause. It's not just about understanding the problem, though; it's about overcoming it. London provides actionable, practical guidance that is both empowering and achievable.

      Under her guidance, I've learned to navigate life and love with a newfound confidence and clarity. The tools and strategies she has equipped me with are not just for the here and now; they are lifelong lessons that I will carry with me forever.

      To anyone feeling stuck or lost in any aspect of their life, I cannot recommend London Laed enough. Her approach is warm, her insights are profound, and her impact is life-changing. Thank you, London, for helping me transform my life.

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    • Photo of Moriel D.
      Moriel D.
      Los Angeles, United States
      9 Feb 2024

      I cannot thank London enough for the positive impact she has had on my love life and my life in general. She got me out of a dark time when no one else could, no other therapist has ever been able to help me like she has. I'm so happy I met her! She's truly a unique soul and really goes above and beyond for her clients. Thank you, London

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    • Photo of Hannah M.
      Hannah M.
      CA, United States
      20 Jul 2023

      My husband and I have been working with London for the last 6 months and LET ME TELL YOU we can both say without question and with assured confidence, that our marriage would not have lasted if it was not for Londons high level of involvement. Her check ins as well as the educational material/articles she sends you on the relevant topic at hand for the week (only if she sees fit of course as some weeks we are merely reflecting on the session as they are intensive!) truly helps in between sessions also! Surprisingly, despite appearing on the younger side - London also has a certain type of wisdom and intuitiveness that exceeds her years by far!

      When we as a couple who are both partnered in our law firm as well as parents to 3 children, first met London, we felt uncertain as to if she could truly help us. We questioned whether someone who appeared again, on the younger side could even understand our marriage dynamic let alone successfully help us and yet - we were quickly proven wrong and now only 6 months later, she continues to show incredible amounts of insight into our relationship.

      We owe London a tremendous amount of gratitude, and one of the best ways we figured we could show our appreciation beyond directly to her as we already have - was to share our experience through a review with others!

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    • Photo of Kami Y.
      Kami Y.
      Los Angeles, United States
      26 Aug 2023

      I have known London for almost a decade. She's always know what to do to inspire me in such a way that brought upon a wonderful experience in Life Coaching with her. I would, without a shadow of a doubt, recommend her services with high regard. :-)

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    • Photo of Kevin N.
      Kevin N.
      South Los Angeles, Los Angeles, United States
      27 Sept 2023

      London is an absolutely excellent clinician. She brings the solution-oriented approach and accountability of a top notch Life Coach, coupled with the clinical experience and deep framework of an experienced psychotherapist. As a fellow mental health practitioner, I admire her work and look up to her immensely. On a more personal note, she has helped me tremendously in my love life, my self-image, and in my business. She is professional yet friendly, direct yet compassionate, sophisticated yet relatable. I recommend working with her 10/10, but be ready to be consistent!

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    • Photo of Annie T.
      Annie T.
      Toronto, Canada
      28 Oct 2022

      5 stars is an understatement! This woman is remarkable!

      I've been searching and seeking and leaving no stone unturned. It's been a challenge for this Grannie who is trying to come up with a third act.

      15+ minutes on the phone with London and so many ideas were unleashed and so many creative thoughts were shared by her that I can't say enough good things.

      A great listener with outstanding suggestions and a warm and caring heart. What more can one ask for? I'm so grateful!

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    • Photo of Justina R.
      Justina R.
      Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, United States
      26 Aug 2023

      I began therapy sessions with London during an extremely dark and uncertain segment of my life. I had knots in my stomach, extremely low confidence and self esteem, constant feeling of rejection from those I had romantic interest in and an overall feeling of hopelessness and dread. I had worked with over four high rated and referred therapists in the past and would leave the sessions with more confusion and less hope until I found London. After just a few sessions together I am extremely ecstatic, overjoyed and pleased to share that I am now doing x1000 better, am instilled with hope, clarity, confidence, a feeling of acceptance and joy in my love life which has led me to finding the partner I've always wanted as well as my purpose in my life! I did not even know how lost I was in every aspect of my life until the work with London so quickly and clearly paved the way. I am now clear on what I want to do and who I want to become and more importantly WHO I CAN BE. I AM IN TEARS OF GRATITUDE TO LONDON WHILE WRITING THIS. From the start she has provided me with support in working through my heavy past trauma, my almost what felt like impossible to build - self-esteem, and instilling positive mental frameworks and new habits that support me in creating and instilling a much more healthy lifestyle. Of all of the therapists I have ever worked with, London has had the most profound impact on my life and happiness. You can feel she truly cares about not only her clients but humanity as a whole. Not to mention there were many times we went overtime in session and she did not charge me extra. Many times she went out of her way to text or call me with random shares of encouragement straight from her heart. She connects to her clients in such a way it's as if she can feel when they are in need even outside of sessions and reaches out with jus the right thing to say. She's not just a therapist, shes intuitive beyond imaginable, she's a healer.

      I also feel it's important to share her talent in couples work is also yet another thing to write home about. The partner of my dreams who she helped me in attracting and maintaining healthy relationship with - decided to have some sessions as a unit with me after London and I finished our individual work. This was not because we had any major issues it was more so an emotional insurance policy to assess and confirm our core value compatibility and how to cope ahead when we may run up against each other inevitably. The way in which London prepared us for healthy conflict resolution style and psycho educated us - leaves us both feeling like our relationship will be unstoppable! I cannot thank her enough. I am beyond content and fulfilled. I don't know where I would be without her help.

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    • Photo of Marissa P.
      Marissa P.
      Bethesda, United States
      9 Jan 2024

      London is one of the most empathetic and perceptive therapists I've ever spoken to. She has an amazing ability to deliver harsh truths softly and with the utmost care for others.

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    • Photo of Yvonne D.
      Yvonne D.
      Northwood, United States
      31 Oct 2022

      London is quite possibly one of the most emotionally intelligent people I have ever encountered in my life. This allows her to easily navigate and extract your problems and insecurities within minutes of meeting you. She is always right on point!

      London has helped me navigate issues with work, life, and relationships and she presents things in a very clear way that allows you to process and identify your challenges. She is fun and entertaining in her presentation and will tell things to you straight up in a kind and caring way. She care deeply about her craft and her clients and it is evident in everything she does and says.

      London is excellent and you will not find better!

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